What does the John McAfee cryptocurrency ‘WHACKD’ tweet mean?

Image: Twitter/@OfficialMcAfee

John McAfee, creator and namesake of the McAfee Antivirus software, is dead of an apparent suicide. As a controversial figure and a magnet for conspiracy theories, some groups believe that McAfee did not take his own life. Many are citing a John McAfee cryptocurrency tweet as evidence, in which the computer programmer claims: “If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd.” In the tweet, McAfee also pointed users to WHACKD, a cryptocurrency that was being sold on McAfee Dex. So what does it all mean?

What was the John McAfee crypto tweet?

All official sources indicate that John McAfee died of an apparent suicide in Centre Penitenciari Brians 2, the Spanish prison holding him at the time of his death. Some unofficial sources are speculating that McAfee did not take his own life, however — an allegation based on his “WHACKD” cryptocurrency tweet.

The assertion that “U.S. officials” were sent to “whack” McAfee is purely speculative. Seemingly, the primary focus of the tweet is for McAfee to promote his (then) new form of crypto, $WHACKD. Although the statement takes on a new light posthumously, at the time, it was potentially a simple marketing stunt. Controversy courts attention, that attention potentially draws in more investors, which, ultimately, should result in a bigger payoff for McAfee.

What is John McAfee’s ‘WHACKD’ cryptocurrency?

$WHACKD is John McAfee’s cryptocurrency. WHACKD tokens are not available from any major crypto exchanges, but rather exclusively from the McAfeeDEX website.

Be wary of potentially malicious redirects, as they can cause problems for anyone trying to access the site. Despite this, WHACKD is a real form of crypto. It falls firmly in the meme camp, alongside Dogecoin and many others, though still has a market value.

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