How to fix Dark Alliance can’t pick up items bug

A couple of Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance glitches are preventing players from claiming their hard-earned spoils. One D&D: Dark Alliance can’t pick up items bug prevents users from collecting dungeon completion rewards. Meanwhile, another glitch stops clients in co-op games from getting loot. Both are serious issues, so is there a quick and easy fix? Here are the latest workarounds while waiting on an official update or patch.

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance can’t pick up items bug fix

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance can't pick up items bug

Here’s what to do after encountering either D&D: Dark Alliance loot glitch:

Dropped item for dungeon completion bug fix

After being unable to collect the bugged item drop for dungeon completion in D&D: Dark Alliance, where possible, users should proceed to the next checkpoint. After hitting the checkpoint, return to the reward and the in-game “Collect” prompt should now work.

If the bug occurs at the very end of a stage, players must quit out and replay the level. Don’t waste time intentionally dying and replaying the last section(s), as this won’t solve the Dark Alliance collectible glitch.

Friends not getting loot bug fix

It’s possible that clients (anyone not hosting a multiplayer match) won’t be able to get gear items in D&D: Dark Alliance online sessions. If this happens, after completing a mission, wait for the countdown timer to conclude instead of manually returning to the hub area.

This isn’t guaranteed to work, though, in the absence of an official solution, it’s the current best workaround. If it doesn’t fix things, try switching the host role to see if the Dark Alliance loot issue still occurs. Failing that, it might be best to play solo while waiting on a new D&D: Dark Alliance update containing an item pickup fix.

Until then, check out how to use Dark Alliance cheats. Players utilize them at their own risk, but it could be a more attractive prospect due to the unobtainable items and a character reset bug impacting some users.