Scarlet Nexus: How to use PS5 and PS4 controller with PC button prompts

It can be trickier getting a Scarlet Nexus PS5 or PS4 controller working with the PC version as the main menu doesn’t seem to support it. It is possible to use the DualSense controller with Scarlet Nexus PC with button prompts using a simple mod. Here’s how to get and use the Scarlet Nexus PC DualSense controller mod working, along with all the correct button prompts and the PS4 controller too.

How to use Scarlet Nexus PS5 controller on PC with button prompts

Scarlet Nexus PS5 PS4 controller PC

Here are the steps to take to get the PS5’s DualSense controller working with Scarlet Nexus on PC:

  1. Head over to NexusMods and grab this mod by Taliehoe.
  2. Open up the game’s folder on Steam by right-clicking the game and selecting Manage/Browse Local Files.
  3. Unzip everything from the mod folder to ScarletNexus\Binaries\Win64, overwriting the SDL2.dll file (best to rename the old file as a backup).
  4. Go to Steam’s Settings/Controller/General Controller Settings and disable PlayStation Configuration Support (make sure to reenable this when done with Scarlet Nexus).
  5. Right-click the game again and select Properties/Controller/Disable Steam Input.
  6. Disconnect and reconnect your PS5 controller, boot the game up, and it should work with correct button prompts.

If the above method didn’t work with a PS4 controller, try ignoring the mod files, re-enabling PlayStation Configuration Support through the Steam Settings, and just Disable Steam Input as in point 5. This should also clear up any problems with any Xbox controllers too, as sometimes the game can override controls with keyboard and mouse prompts instead. Hopefully the mod should fix any PS5 or PS4-specific issues, however.

Here’s where to look if there is any trouble with a ‘failed to connect’ error while trying to access the Musubi mission. As for more general information on Scarlet Nexus, here’s everything you need to know about romance options, whether it’s on Xbox or PC Game Pass, and whether a Nintendo Switch version is planned.