Fruits Basket Season 4 Release date and time

The Fruits Basket season 4 hype is already beginning, with season 3 now coming to an end. The show’s biggest fans, who know that the anime has now fully explored the manga’ material, may still be wondering if a new Fruits Basket season is in the works.

When is the Fruits Basket season 4 release date and time?

Fruits Basket Season 4 Release date and time

The Fruits Basket season 4 release date and time have not been announced.

With the end of the third season, the Fruits Basket anime finished its coverage of the manga storyline. This means that there is nothing more for the show to explore, assuming it needs manga inspiration.

Of course, it’s possible that more Fruits Basket manga and/or anime will be created in the future. Spin-offs are also a possibility. With how popular the anime has become, there’s certainly a demand for more episodes and stories.

At the time of writing, however, there’s no word on any more Fruits Basket content. That’s it for now, until the creators reveal any new teases or hints of future plans. This post will be updated with any new information, if and when it is revealed.

A potentially fun alternative to waiting for a new season is to rewatch the existing episodes. Watching from season 1 onwards gives experienced viewers the ability to better identify foreshadowing of events and certain characters starting down the path of tragedy.

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