FTX Crypto Stock: What is the Tom Brady crypto price?

Image: Kevin C. Cox / Staff / Getty Images

FTX crypto stock is a hot-button topic today, as Tom Brady has invested in new cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrencies continue to skyrocket in popularity, it seems everyone is getting involved — even sports stars. The latest big name to dive into crypto is NFL star Tom Brady. He has invested in the company FTX, alongside his wife Gisele Bündchen. Read on to see the FTX crypto price, and how it’s doing in the market.

What is the FTX crypto stock price?

Currently, FTX crypto, or the Tom Brady crypto, is sitting at $26.59 — making it a pretty impressive cryptocurrency. It first landed on the market in August 2019. It started gaining traction when there was a huge leap in value in February 2021, before reaching an all-time high of $61.28. Evidently, its current value is considerably less than this. That said, the news of Brady and Bündchen investing is sure to attract NFL fans to the cryptocurrency.

Interestingly, this isn’t Tom Brady’s first foray into the cryptocurrency world.  In May this year, he changed his Twitter profile picture as a nod towards his support of Bitcoin — but it took a dip following this. It now seems he’s left his Bitcoin affiliation behind and is placing his full support into FTX.

Since the news that Brady and Bündchen were investing in the FTX company, there hasn’t been a significant change in the cryptocurrency’s value, as you may expect. For the past twenty-four hours, it’s hovered between $25 and $26 but certainly hasn’t grown in relation to the world-famous quarterback’s support. We also don’t know what stake the couple has in FTX, as they’ve left it undisclosed. However, as FTX aims to raise a $20 billion valuation, they’ll certainly need the star support of Brady and Bündchen.

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