Is there a Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PS5, PS4, and Xbox release date?

Square Enix is bringing the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series to PC, Android, and iPhone starting next month. Despite the popularity of the FF franchise on consoles, there’s still no word on Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PlayStation and Xbox release dates. For whatever reason, the collection of six “ultimate 2D remasters” doesn’t appear destined for console platforms.

Will there be Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PS5, PS4, and Xbox versions?

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PS5

The Final Fantasy, FF II, and FF III Pixel Remasters are launching on July 28, 2021. The remaining three games are “coming soon” to PC via Steam and mobile devices. Currently, there are no Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One release dates.

Square Enix is yet to share any plans on launching the FF Pixel Remaster series for consoles, including Nintendo Switch. Although they won’t be arriving alongside the PC and mobile versions, the remasters could hit consoles at a later date. All modern console platforms can run the FF Pixel Remaster games (obviously), and there’s a definite audience for them.

It’s possible that Square is planning to launch a definitive collection of all six Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles on additional platforms at a later date. This is just speculation, though it’d make sense in place of the staggered standalone releases found on mobile and PC. The games are also digital-only at launch, so bundling them together would present the perfect opportunity to launch a commemorative physical product.

If it doesn’t happen, PlayStation and Xbox fans can at least revisit the classic original in an all-new way. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a pseudo-retelling of the first FF game, only with modern amenities and Soulslike trappings. Having made its first official appearance during E3 2021, the debut trailer became an instant meme. Despite retreading old ground narratively, the game innovates by offering players a choice of difficulty settings.