Is there a Star Wars: The Bad Batch movie?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the latest animated show set in a galaxy far, far away. Taking place just after the beloved Clone Wars TV series, it’s already a hit with fans. As it approaches the halfway mark of its first season on Disney+, many fans are wondering whether they can see Hunter, Wrecker, and co. on the big screen.

Is there a Star Wars: The Bad Batch movie?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The simple answer is no, there isn’t a Bad Batch movie. It’s also unlikely to ever materialize, as their introduction happened on the small screen, and all their adventures so far have taken place on streaming services.

There hasn’t really been the chance for the Bad Batch to star in their own movie. They’ve only existed in the Star Wars mythos for just over a year. They were first introduced in the final season of The Clone Wars, in an episode fittingly titled The Bad Batch. They featured in the season’s first four-episode arc, before their own spin-off show was confirmed last summer. Given the current season picks up not long after their appearance in the Clone Wars, there’s really no space for a movie to explore.

Of course, though, it’s even less likely given the Star Wars saga’s rocky history with animated movies. The wildly popular Clone Wars series first debuted with an animated film of the same name in 2008. It was reviled by critics and fans alike, and remains the franchise’s lowest-grossing theatrical release. With that as its predecessor, it seems Lucasfilm wanted to avoid another failure with The Bad Batch.

We can’t rule out a film in the future, but Disney and Lucasfilm often announce movies years in advance. The only Star Wars films currently slated for release are 2023’s Rogue Squadron, a movie directed by Taika Waititi, and a trilogy from Rian Johnson. There’s no mention of the Bad Batch there, so for now, it’s best to assume their home will remain on Disney+.

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