Where did Ravonna Renslayer go in Loki episode 6?

In Loki episode 6, Ravonna Renslayer’s final appearance is when she is confronted by Mobius. After disarming him, she leaves through a time portal, but where does she go? What’s more, what were the files that Miss Minutes showed Renslayer? Here’s what’s known.

Where does Ravonna Renslayer go to in Loki episode 6?

Where did Ravonna Renslayer go

After defeating Mobius but refusing to prune him, Renslayer opens a time portal. Before exiting, Mobius asks where she’s going. Renslayer responds with, “In search of free will.”

It’s not clear from the TV show what Renslayer hopes to do next. However, the pen she keeps in her office is a nod to the fact that she was always aware that the TVA is full of variants. This includes herself.

While Renslayer knew she was a variant, she didn’t know who He Who Remains was. It’s possible that she will now be on the search for him.

Renslayer and Kang have a history in the comics, so her encountering the conqueror would make sense.

What are the files that Miss Minutes tells Ravonna Renslayer to read?

Where did Ravonna Renslayer go

Ravonna Renslayer requested files from Miss Minutes, but the cartoon clock instead delivered different notes. Renslayer exclaims, “This isn’t what I asked for.”

To this, Miss Minutes says: “I know, but he thinks this’ll be more useful. Happy readin’!”

With He Who Remains knowing that there’s a chance he will die and that the multiverse will be sent into chaos, this message to Renslayer could be his last-ditch effort to save the timeline. It’s possible that he has left instructions for Renslayer to follow and that is where she is now going via the time portal.

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