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Zelda Skyward Sword Treasure Guide: All Scrap Shop Upgrade Item Locations

In Zelda Skyward Sword, players must go on a treasure hunt to find the items needed to upgrade their equipment. Gondo, the craftsman in the Scrap Shop in Skyloft requests treasure items (along with some rupees) to upgrade Link’s gear. Unfortunately, the locations of these treasures can be elusive. Fortunately, we’ve found all the upgrade items players need, and you can find where they are below.

Zelda Skyward Sword Treasure Locations

To fully upgrade Link’s gear, players will need to collect a lot of treasure. This is how much of each item players must get to 100% upgrade all equipment:

  • Amber Relic: 25
  • Ancient Flower: 7
  • Bird Feather: 5
  • Blue Bird Feather: 5
  • Dusk Relic: 13
  • Eldin Ore: 7
  • Evil Crystal: 4
  • Goddess Plume: 3
  • Golden Skull: 4
  • Hornet Larvae: 4
  • Jelly Blob: 8
  • Lizard Tail: 7
  • Monster Claw: 17
  • Monster Horn: 8
  • Ornamental Skull: 12
  • Tumbleweed: 16

Amber Relic Location

Skyward Sword Amber Relic Icon

These are found all over the game. Players should get enough to complete all upgrades by just picking up the ones they see along the way.

Ancient Flower Location

Skyward Sword Ancient Flower Icon

These items aren’t hard to find, but they do require players to use a Timeshift Crystal to see them. Therefore, anywhere players spot a Timeshift Crystal, they should also look for an Ancient Flower nearby.

Bird Feather Location

Skyward Sword Bird Feather Icon

Link can collect bird feathers by using his net on small birds. Near the Forest Viewing Platform, there’s a vine Link can climb up. In this area, players will find three birds. Catch the orange and reddish birds with the net, and they’ll yield Bird Feathers.

Blue Bird Feather Location

Skyward Sword Blue Bird Feather

Players just need to repeat the same steps required to get Bird Feathers and keep an eye out for Blue Birds. This type of bird is rarer and drops a Blue Bird Feather.

Dusk Relic Location

Skyward Sword Dusk Relic Icon

Players will need to search the Silent Realm to find Dusk Relics. Fortunately, like with Amber Relics, these are out in the open, so it shouldn’t be tough to find 13. Additionally, these can be purchased at the Moonlight Merchant.

Eldin Ore Location

Skyward Sword Eldin Ore Icon

Eldin Ore can be found by digging in various piles of dirt found throughout the game (like those near the Earth Temple entrance). Fortunately, these respawn, so if players find one, they can leave the area, come back, and dig again for another chance to grab one.

Evil Crystal Location

Skyward Sword Evil Crystal Icon

These items have a chance of being dropped by a Cursed Bokoblin upon death. Fortunately for those who don’t feel like grinding them out, they can also be bought from the Moonlight Merchant.

Goddess Plume Location

Skyward Sword Goddess Plume Icon

Players need only three of these to upgrade their gear, which is a good thing because they’re rare. Goddess Plumes don’t drop from enemies. Instead, they must be found or purchased.

Here are a few places players can get a Goddess Plume:

  • By bombing the wall in the Kikwi Hunt.
  • Use the harp on waterfall island where the Blessed Butterflies are grouped.
  • A chest on top of a pillar in Lanaryu Mine.
  • In the Moonlight Merchant’s inventory for 200 rupees.

Golden Skull Location

Skyward Sword Golden Skull Icon

Sometimes instead of dropping an Ornamental Skull, Bokoblins drop a Golden Skull. Players can also purchase them from the Moonlight Merchant.

Hornet Larvae Location

Skyward Sword Hornet Larvae Icon

Predictably, Hornet Larvae are found in Hornet nests. One can be found near the Viewing Platform in the forest.

  • Land there and climb the nearby vine, then look at the nearest tree to find the nest.
  • Shoot it with an arrow or nut far enough away, and the Hornets won’t become aggressive.
  • When it falls and busts open, the Hornet Larvae can be picked up.

Players just have to repeat these steps until they have four and they’re set for the rest of the game.

Jelly Blob Location

Skyward Sword Jelly Blob Icon

Predictably, these drop from Chu-Chus, but they also can be found after defeating Deku Baba and Aracha. Unfortunately, the drop rate is very low, regardless of which enemy-type players choose to grind. The waterfall cave in Skyloft has several Chu-Chus inside, making it an easy place to try and farm Jelly Blobs.

Lizard Tail Location

Skyward Sword Lizard Tail Icon

Lizard Tails are easy to get. They’re obtained by defeating Lizalfos, and they’re a guaranteed drop. So, just find some Lizalfos and defeat them until seven have been accumulated. The Pirate Stronghold in the desert is as good a place as any.

Monster Claw Location

Skyward Sword Monster Claw Icon

Monster Claws are dropped by Keese. All types of Keese drop this item, so it doesn’t matter where players choose to grind them. Unfortunately, the drop rate is fairly low, so it may take a while to accumulate the 17 needed to upgrade Link’s gear.

There’s a group of 12 bats in the waterfall cave in Skyloft. So, take them out, then leave and have them respawn and repeat. So, it shouldn’t take too long to grind out the Monster Claws here.

Monster Horn Location

Skyward Sword Monster Horn Icon

Bokoblin leaders drop Monster Horns, but they’re relatively uncommon. Fortunately, Link can use the whip to snag a horn right out of a creature’s hand. When one sees Link approach, they’ll pull out their horn to signal the others. When this happens, use the whip to take it.

Players can also purchase these items at the Moonlight Merchant for those who have rupees to spare.

Ornamental Skull Location

Skyward Sword Ornamental Skull Icon

All types of Bokoblins, except for cursed ones, have a chance to drop Ornamental Skulls. This is a good item to shoot for while grinding out Monster Horns.

Tumbleweed Location

Skyward Sword Tumbleweed Icon


These “treasures” are found in the desert. To find them:

  • Land at the Desert Entrance.
  • Run to the open field.
  • Run around until a Tumbleweed comes into view.
  • Use the net to catch the Tumbleweed.