Will I get another chance to pre-order a Steam Deck?

Those trying to pre-order a Steam Deck might be getting frustrated at the errors they get while trying to reserve it and just don’t have the time to keep trying. However, for those that are hoping for a second chance to secure a Steam Deck, there’s good news. It seems like there will be more than one wave of pre-orders, so there’s still hope for those that didn’t get to reserve one today.

When will the second wave of Steam Deck pre-orders be available?

Steam Deck Second Wave Reservation Pre-order

The second chance Steam Deck reservations will be available on Sunday, July 18, at 10 am PDT. This will also be the time when accounts that haven’t made a purchase before June 2021 can get a chance to pre-order the handheld as well.

We’re not sure if there’ll be pre-orders available past the second wave. However, the device should be available to purchase outright when it starts shipping in December 2021. However, details are still sparse as to how this will work. It’s possible that those with reservations will get a chance to pre-purchase the console first, and then people can buy them on a first-come, first-served basis. Alternatively, Valve may open up the reservation system again for another wave.

Another big question concerning availability is how many Valve intends to manufacture. This is the first mainstream handheld PC, so there’s no way for us to predict how many people will buy one. Previous handheld PCs, like the GPD Win series, were relatively niche products. However, the segment may just not have taken off until now because no “brand name” products were available.

The Steam Deck has the potential to make a major impact on PC gaming, and it’s exciting to get in on the ground floor. So, those who cannot pre-order today or during the second wave should keep checking back for more opportunities to own Valve’s handheld PC.