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Is the Minions x Minecraft DLC worth buying?

There’s a new Minecraft DLC pack on the loose inspired by the highly popular Minions franchise. That’s right, the Minions have finally been set loose in Minecraft with a new content pack stuff with fresh locations and colorful cosmetics. Not everyone is down to clown with Minions, though, so what does this DLC have to offer fans of the base game? Is the Minions x Minecraft DLC worth buying?

Is the Minions x Minecraft DLC worth it?

Is the Minions x Minecraft DLC worth it?

The Minions x Minecraft DLC is worth buying if you like Minions, enjoy cosmetics, or want a few new bosses to fight. The new DLC notably adds all members of the Vicious 6 as bosses in addition to a colorful crowd of Minions and new clothing options.

Basically, the new DLC gives Minecraft a Minions-inspired overhaul. Previous content packs based on other pop properties, like The Simpsons, have released before. However, this is the first official release inspired by Illuminations’ Minions franchise. The timing is no coincidence, either, as the latest film Minions: The Rise of Gru is currently in production.

As you might expect, there are plenty of cosmetics on offer. The Minions x Minecraft DLC includes skins for Margo, Edith, Agnes, Lucy, and Gru. Overall, the content pack includes 29 franchise skins, plus a host of new recognizable locations to explore throughout Adventure Mode.

Of course, it’s not going to drastically change the Minecraft experience. Outside of a bunch of Minions-based flavor, the core game remains the same. As such, the Minions x Minecraft DLC isn’t worth buying for players who are mainly concerned with the core gameplay loop.

Consider it to be a fan package, basically. The Minions X Minecraft DLC is certainly worth the price of admission if you’re a diehard Minions fan. It could also be worthwhile if you’re a Minecraft player open to new adventures. Otherwise, the new content pack doesn’t add much beyond a few new boss encounters and a smattering of cosmetic items.

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