How to fix PS5 stuck on ‘closing the game or app’ screen

Sony’s PS5 console is a big improvement over its predecessor, though there are still some technical bugs that need ironing out. The PS5 stuck on closing the game or app screen glitch is one such issue, essentially making the console unusable. Trying to wait it out usually won’t resolve the problem, but is there a quick and easy solution? Here’s the lowdown on a fix for the PlayStation 5 frozen when closing a game or app bug.

PS5 stuck on ‘closing the game or app’ screen fix

PS5 stuck on closing the game or app screen

Here’s what to do if a PS5 system gets stuck on the “closing the game or app” notification screen:

  1. Wait for five minutes to see if PS5 eventually closes the game or application.
  2. If it doesn’t, hold the PS5 power button down until a second beep sounds.
  3. Allow the console five minutes to attempt shutdown.
  4. Should the system remain stuck on the “closing the game or app” screen, unplug it.
  5. Plug the console back in and power it up — users may receive a prompt to rebuild the PS5 database and should accept.

Unfortunately, there’s no way around the fact that solving the PS5 “closing the game or app” bug risks corrupting local data. Players will often get a notification about not shutting the console down correctly, offering them the chance to rebuild the PlayStation 5 database. Be sure to accept, as this should set any potential problems straight. Should it fail to do so, PlayStation Plus (PS+) subscribers are able to recover their save date from the cloud.

If the issue persists, then be sure to contact PlayStation Support. Although the PS5 stuck on “closing the game or app” screen error can affect anyone now and then, it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence.

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