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When is Tom Clancy’s XDefiant release date on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X?

What is the Tom Clancy’s XDefiant release date on all platforms? The new Tom Clancy game was revealed today as an online FPS from Ubisoft San Francisco, and the first XDefiant beta release date is just next month. However, when will XDefiant come out specifically? Will there be an XDefiant 2021 release date or shouldn’t fans expect to see the Tom Clancy FPS previously known as BattleCat until next year or more? Let’s see.

What is the XDefiant release date on PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4, Xbox One?

XDefiant Release Date

At the moment, Ubisoft has not given any release date for Tom Clancy’s XDefiant on any platform, and the game’s website merely says that XDefiant is “coming soon” and that it’s “not fully live yet.” Live phases will begin on August 5, 2021, though this isn’t the full version of the game.

This suggests that XDefiant will come out sooner rather than later, especially if the first public testing is beginning next month — however, if the game was going to release in 2021 it seems likely that Ubisoft would’ve mentioned that in the trailer or a press release. Therefore, Tom Clancy game fans certainly shouldn’t expect to see XDefiant until at least 2022.

Anyone interested in playing XDefiant this year should sign up for the beta straight away. While the first test in August will be strictly PC-only and just for players in the US and Canada, further tests are planned — both for other platforms and with different regions worldwide too.

The Tom Clancy’s universe has been extremely successful for Ubisoft, with The Division 2 proving one of the biggest games of the year and Rainbow Six Siege recently got a PS5/Xbox Series X upgrade. However, fans are undoubtedly disappointed that this reveal of a new Tom Clancy game wasn’t a new Splinter Cell title, although there is hope another Sam Fisher appearance will happen following the upcoming Netflix series.