How to fix PS5 pink and purple screen error

The PS5 has been out for well over six months now – and owners are starting to encounter some problems with the new hardware. One concerned Reddit user has posted about a  PS5 ‘pink screen of death’ when booting up their console. It seems to prevent them from using the system at all. We’ve got the lowdown on what the problem is, as well as how to fix the PS5 pink and purple screen error.

How to fix pink and purple screen of death on PS5


If you encounter a pink or purple screen when loading up your PS5, the first thing to check is your HDMI connection. Make sure the cable is securely in the input and output slots. Also, try using a different HDMI cable if you have one.

This is because the pink and purple screen error will usually crop up as a result of a problem with the PS5’s HDCP connection. Though Sony haven’t spoken about the issue yet, it could be a sign that there’s a slight problem with the hardware’s video output capabilities. If you’re getting a pink or purple screen when loading up, then your console will be experiencing these issues. However, we don’t yet know if it can be permanently resolved with a software update, or some manual tinkering. Therefore, your best bet is to eliminate the possibility of a weak HDMI connection. You can do this by using as many different cables or inputs as you can to test it.

If your console is still throwing up a pink or purple screen, your console might need some repairing. The problem is usually with the HDMI connection. Therefore, if it persists after tweaking the HDMIs, then some internal tinkering by a professional could be necessary.

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