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Chivalry 2 update patch 2.0.1 release date

A new update to Chivalry 2 is due out this month, but it’s already been delayed once before. Update version 2.0.1 is meant to fix performance issues and offer balance adjustments, but unexpected issues arose prior to launch. As such, many are left wondering about the current Chivalry 2 update 2.0.1 release date. When is the new patch supposed to land?

What is the Chivalry 2 update 2.0.1 release date?

What is the Chivalry 2 update 2.0.1 release date?

The Chivalry 2 update version 2.0.1 patch release date is still set for this month. Though it has been delayed, the Chivalry 2 development team insists that update 2.0.1 will release in July of 2021.

Thankfully, this means the wait is nearly over. If you remember, update version 2.0.1 was due out earlier this month after the team teased the Chivalry 2 roadmap. The developers even went so far to release the patch notes, but they soon ran into a problem and pulled back the launch.

Though no explanation was given at the time, we have since heard more through the official Chivalry 2 blog. There, the team explained that the tweaks they’d made to matchmaking had busted the system for a set of players. Matchmaking already has a few issues, so instead of releasing the patch then and patching the problem later, the team decided to start from scratch.

In other words, they had to take the update back to the drawing board, then rework it top-to-bottom to make sure those problems disappeared. Naturally, that sort of work takes time. However, it seems fan disappointment may have encouraged the devs to get the work done soon. Despite pulling back the patch earlier, it’s still scheduled to launch this month.

You won’t have to wait too much longer for the new update. Though no release date is set. Chivalry 2 patch version 2.0.1 will still release later this month — assuming the developers don’t run into any more unexpected problems.