Chivalry 2 DLC roadmap features new maps, ridable horses, cross-gen parties, and more

Chivalry 2 is out now, though players can expect plenty more to come from the medieval combat title. Torn Banner Studios’ Chivalry 2 DLC roadmap outlines tons of new updates making their way to the game. These include all-new maps and horse mounts, along with improvements and bug fixes to better the existing experience.

Chivalry 2 DLC Roadmap: All upcoming updates (2021)

Chivalry 2 DLC roadmap

Here’s the full Chivalry 2 DLC roadmap, containing the latest details on future game updates and patches:

Bug fixes and error solutions

  • Party system glitch fixes and improvements
  • Server performance upgrades
  • Users must hold (not tap) the button to complete in-game purchases
  • General bug fixing, polish, and balance work

Quality of life (QOL) improvements

  • Console server browser
  • PS5 to PS4 cross-generation party support
  • Increase party size limits
  • Unofficial server support
  • Customization UX improvements
  • Text moderation tools

Upcoming new content

  • Horses
  • New multiplayer maps
  • Competitive game modes
  • Lower player count game modes
  • New character voices
  • More character customization options
  • Arrow cam

A comprehensive overview of Torn Banner Studios’ development plan is available via the public Trello board. It’s definitely worth bookmarking, as the team promises that “much, much more” Chivalry 2 content is on the way.

While bug fixes and general improvements are always good, the most exciting info relates to new game content. Chivalry 2 players can expect to see new maps and modes hit the multiplayer combat game in the future. Meanwhile, a suite of new character customization opinions will allow them to storm those brand-new medieval battlefields in style.

Perhaps most intriguing is the addition of horses — and in-game ones at that, unlike the actual “Valheim” horsey. Mounted combat will be a significant new addition to the Chivalry series, letting players implement new strategies as cavalry units. In an ideal world, players will be able to take their mounts to the jousting arena and settle differences in an honorable fashion.

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