New World is bricking RTX 3090s and there’s no way to avoid it

Software and games damaging hardware is rare these days with all the safeties in place. However, some playing the New World closed beta with an RTX 3090 are having their cards bricked. Nvidia’s high-end GPU has an MSRP of around $1,500, but with supply issues, these GPUs are going for almost twice that on the secondary market. This means just the act of playing New World’s Closed Beta is costing some gamers thousands of dollars.

How to avoid New World bricking 3090

Here’s the best way to avoid New World bricking an RTX 3090: DON’T PLAY IT. Whether it’s an issue on the studio’s end or a problem with the current Nvidia driver isn’t known yet, but there’s no reason to risk frying the best GPU on the market for a beta test of an MMO.

For those that just can’t help themselves, Amazon Customer support has stated the following:

“Hi Adventurers,

Thank you all for sharing your reports about this problem, we believe this is related with driver settings and frame rate limiters.

1. Disable the overrides in the driver settings,

2. Make sure to press “APPLY”

3. Restart the game client.

Also you can cap your FPS.

This will help prevent issues with the GPU’s utilization.

Go to Settings > Visuals > Max fps > Set this to 60, this should help to bring the utilization back down.

Additionally, please be sure to check in your NVIDIA Control Panel under Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Select New World, and check that Max Frame Rate either shows ‘Use Global Settings (Off) or just Off.

Please let us know if you need more assistance and thank you all for your contributions to the Beta.”

Be warned, though, some users who followed the above directions reported that the game bricked their cards anyway. So, until Amazon and Nvidia give the all-clear, the best bet is just to forego New World.