How long will graphics cards be sold out for in 2021?

As was the case last year, graphics cards in 2021 are rarely in stock and, when retailers do get inventory, the GPUs quickly become sold out thanks to bots, scalpers, and those who are just luckier. Both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are constantly sold out and it’s become challenging for PC enthusiasts to secure new parts for an upgrade. Here’s when users can expect graphics cards to be back in stock for 2021.

When will graphics cards be back in stock for 2021?

How long will graphics cards be sold out for in 2021

Graphics cards will be back in stock during the early months of 2021.

Stores are already starting to receive more stock and it’s taking longer for inventory to completely sell out. It’s now minutes instead of seconds!

With the holidays being over, the demand for new graphics cards should have reduced, meaning less competition for keen shoppers. By using stock checking websites and apps, or following electronic retailers on social media, there’s now a much better chance to secure a new graphics card before they sell out.

Why are new graphics cards always sold out?

How long will graphics cards be sold out for in 2021

New graphics cards are always sold out because they are quickly bought by bots, scalpers, or genuine PC users.

2020 saw a rise in the number of people buying high-demand electronic products and selling them at a high profit on auction sites like eBay. This included devices like PS5s, Xbox Series X consoles, and graphics cards like the RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060 Ti.

Cryptocurrency mining is also still popular, with 2020 graphics cards being in demand for faster mining results. Miners often want multiple cards to mine with, as more GPU power means more money generated.

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