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Pokemon Unite: How to get Aeos gems

Pokemon Unite‘s Aeos gems are one of the MOBA’s currencies, used to purchase things such as new Pokemon licenses and the Battle Pass. So how do you get Aeos gems in Pokemon Unite, and is there a way to get them without buying them? Here’s all you need to know.

How to get Aeos gems in Pokemon Unite

pokemon unite how to get aeos gems

Aeos gems are only available to get using real-world money, with them purchasable via Pokemon Unite’s in-game store. You can get more Aeos gems by pressing the ‘+’ button, then selecting ‘Obtain’ in the Currency Details menu.

Aeos gems are the first currency available in this list, next to Aeos coins and Aeos tickets. While the latter two are obtained using in-game methods, the former can only be earned through microtransactions.

Aeos gems prices

  • 60 Aeos gems (First Time Purchase: 120 Aeos gems): $0.99
  • 245 Aeos gems (First Time Purchase: 490 Aeos gems): $3.99
  • 490 Aeos gems (First Time Purchase: 980 Aeos gems): $7.99
  • 1220 Aeos gems (First Time Purchase: 2240 Aeos gems): $19.99
  • 2450 Aeos gems (+290 Bonus gems): $39.99
  • 3050 Aeos gems (+ 450 Bonus gems): $49.99
  • 6000 Aeos gems (+1100 Bonus gems): $99.99

Purchasing Aeos gems speeds up the process of unlocking certain Pokemon and also lets you buy the Battle Pass, which features its own separate set of unlocks you can obtain as you complete specific missions. Aeos gems aren’t compulsory to purchase, though as is typically the case with free-to-play games, if you want to unlock things faster then they provide an easier way of doing so outside of actually playing the game.

Aeos gems are also used to power the energy tanks for Pokemon Unite’s Genshin Impact-esque gacha mechanic, which lets players spin a wheel for a random reward. The influx of microtransactions in this new Nintendo MOBA has attracted controversy, with Pokemon fans bemoaning its implementation of a Battle Pass.

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