Switch Online July games disappoint US fans, Japan gets Persona prequel

The Nintendo Switch Online July games have been revealed by Nintendo, and a lot of fans are unhappy about the free SNES games being offered. The Nintendo Online free July games for the US are three slightly obscure platformers, but the Switch Online July Japan games include the Shin Megami Tensei game that inspired the Persona series. So why are the Switch Online US games for July so upsetting?

What are the Nintendo Switch Online July free games?

Nintendo Switch Online July

The Nintendo Switch Online games for July in the US comprise the SNES games Claymates, Jelly Boy, and Bombuzal. All of these will be coming to the service on July 28 for free, but fans are upset at the seeming randomness of these choices from the SNES back catalogue — especially as Nintendo continues to prioritize obscure titles over fan-requested games such as Earthbound and Super Mario RPG.


However, US fans are particularly upset with the fact that the Japanese Switch Online games for this month include Shin Megami Tensei: If…, a SNES SMT spin-off that is actually the precursor to the popular Persona series of RPGs. It’s set in the same continuity as the Persona games, is likewise set in a high school, and the characters have ‘Guardians’ which are basically Personas. However, other than a fan translation the game has never been officially brought over into English.

Elsewhere in Nintendo Switch news, Pokemon Unite has launched today and players can get the electric cat Pokemon Zeraora as a free bonus, although the upcoming release of the Switch OLED has caused some controversy as Nintendo apparently has “no plans” for a more powerful Switch Pro — especially with the upcoming release of the Steam Deck. As for the Persona games, fans know that Persona 6 is in development, but it might be a while before it gets revealed.