Will the Dead Space remake feature new content?

It was revealed at EA Play that a Dead Space remake is coming, but fans are curious about what that entails. Is this going to be a 1:1 remake or will EA Motive bring new content into the game? While we didn’t get much out of the short teaser shown, we can speculate at some of the things that might be added (or removed) from the remake.

Will the Dead Space remake have added or removed content?

If it’s not an exact remake, there are a few ways the Dead Space remake could go with adding or removing content. It could be like Resident Evil 2, where certain areas are expanded, and others redesigned altogether to take advantage of modern technology. While the original game was an amazing horror experience, there was a lot of backtracking. Some of this was in the vein of Metroidvanias, but some segments felt like padding. Perhaps EA Motive could take us to some unseen parts of the USG Ishimura to avoid some of the more tedious backtracking.

There are also some parts in Dead Space that the devs could modify in the remake to be more exciting. In particular, the Zero-G segment where Issac has to travel along the outside of the ship to reach a turret and then take the same path back is more frustrating than horrifying. Sure, there’s an oxygen limit to add some tension, but this whole part could be retooled to fit with the rest of the game more naturally.

Alternatively, the Dead Space remake could be like Resident Evil 3, where things are chopped down to be a shorter, more linear experience. Removing the backtracking entirely is a big mistake, so hopefully, EA Motive doesn’t take this approach.

Given the mixed response to the changes in Dead Space 3, we may also see some minor plot changes to allow for narrative differences in a potential Dead Space 2 remake or an entirely new sequel.