Pokemon Unite Gardevoir moveset, attacks, builds, and stats

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir moveset, attacks, builds, and stats

The latest pocket monster to land in Pokemon Unite is Gardevoir. This Attacker can be quite formidable, utilizing special attacks that deal area damage and stun opponents. If you’re eager to learn how to evolve Gardevoir, or familiarize yourself with its moveset, we can help. Here’s a look at all Gardevoir stats, attacks, and ideas toward best builds.

Pokemon Unite – Gardevoir Stats

Pokemon Unite - Gardevoir Stats attacks builds moveset

Gardevoir in Pokemon Unite evolves from Ralts. At level six, the second evolution turns Ralts into Kirlia. The Gardevoir evolution appears at level 10.

Here’s a look at its base stats:

  • Offense: 4.5
  • Endurance: 1.5
  • Mobility: 1.5
  • Scoring: 3.0
  • Support: 1.5

Pokemon Unite – Gardevoir Moveset and Attacks

Special Move 1

  • Confusion
    • 4.5 second cooldown
    • Straightforward directional ranged attack.
  • Psychic
    • Level 8
    • 7 second cooldown
    • After hitting an enemy or traveling maximum distance, Psychic creates an aura that damages and slows down any Pokemon caught in the area of effect.
  • Moonblast
    • Level 8
    • 6 second cooldown
    • Attacks forward while moving backward. Pokemon caught in the cone effect are temporarily stunned.

Special Move 2

  • Teleport
    • Level 1-3
    • 11 second cooldown
    • Teleports the user to the targeted location and increases the damage of their next attack.
  • Psyshock
    • Level 6
    • 11 second cooldown
    • Attack three times, dealing damage in the area in front of the user.
  • Future Sight
    • Level 6
    • 10 second cooldown
    • Causes an explosion after a short delay, and reduces Future Sight cooldown upon hitting an enemy Pokemon.

Unite Move

  • Fairy Singularity
    • Level 9
    • percent-based cooldown
    • Creates a dimensional rift that draws in enemy Pokemon. When the rift disappears, it knocks back foes and deals damage.

Best Gardevoir Builds in Pokemon Unite

As Gardevoir is an Attacker-type Pokemon, you’d be wise to use items that buff raw damage. Beyond that, you can focus on builds based on how you typically play.

If you tend to be your team’s big scorer, focus your build around the Sp. Atk Specs and Attack Weight. These will buff your damage each time you score a goal.

Otherwise, it’s wise to build around more basic items. Gardevoir benefits from high mobility, especially when using Future Sight, so the Float Stone can be a big help. The Shell Bell may also suit players who tend toward a more careful play style.

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