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Pokemon Unite DLC roadmap: What is the Blastoise and Gardevoir release date?

Is there a Pokemon Unite DLC roadmap for any upcoming new Pokemon for Nintendo’s recently released Pokemon MOBA? The first new Pokemon developer TiMi Studios has revealed as coming to the game are Blastoise and Gardevoir, so is there a Pokemon Unite DLC release date for these two? Are there any more Pokemon coming that fans know about? When can fans expect Pokemon Unite’s Blastoise, Gardevoir, or others? Let’s see.

What is the Pokemon Unite DLC release date for Blastoise, Gardevoir, and more?

Pokemon Unite DLC roadmap

The confirmed DLC Pokemon who will be coming to Pokemon Unite soon are Blastoise and Gardevoir.

However, other than the knowledge that they wouldn’t be available for the now-passed launch TiMi Studios and Nintendo still haven’t revealed when players can expect these two.

The developer also confirmed that more DLC will be coming beyond these two, although that should be expected.

Players who jump in at launch can also get the Zeraora DLC. It’s a tough Pokemon to master, but well worth getting for free.

One thing that has been leaked is that extra costumes will be coming for both these characters and all the other Pokemon in the game, presumably with the Pokemon Unite Battle Pass that gives Pikachu a cute little lightning hat. After release, Blastoise will get a dashing gentleman’s waistcoat and hat, and Gardevoir will get an elegant flower dress. Many of these costumes are available right now, although obviously players will have to wait for the Blastoise and Gardevoir ones for their characters to release first.

The good news is that it’s very likely Blastoise, Gardevoir, and any other DLC Pokemon will be added to Pokemon Unite for free, as the game is a free to play title. However, players will still need to buy Unite Licenses from the Unite Battle Committee for the in-game currency for anyone except Zeraora.