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General Tips
  • Dangerous Leap on Hanamura Map - When the enemy team's base on the Hanamura map is in the easily defended shrine area, some characters you might choose can head outside the base and make a leap from one ledge to a balcony (after shooting away the railing) to gain surprise access to an area of the base from which it is easier to launch an attack. However, characters with a shorter jump typically can't cross the gap. The good news is that there's a higher path that makes the leap possible for most characters (perhaps with assistance from a wall run), provided you're willing to risk potential death if you don't execute it properly.
  • Warcraft References - When playing in the Temple of Anubis, check out the vehicle in which you spawn. On the inside, you'll find the skull of a Hydralisk (from Starcraft), and on the outside, you'll find a spray-painted Murloc from Warcraft. On a separate map, you'll find promotional posters hyping various movies based on characters in the game. If you check the company behind the titles, you'll see that it is Goldshire Productions. As you might recall, Goldshire is a town in World of Warcraft.