Box art - Teeny Titans: A Teen Titans Go! Figure Battling Game

Teeny Titans: A Teen Titans Go! Figure Battling Game iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Tapping a question mark next to a mission will show you its location. Tap the spot on the map and a little arrow will guide you towards it.
  • Manholes serve as fast travel spot, but they need to be open on both sides. Make sure you do it every time you come across one.
  • Some shops are only day/night specific. This means that you can only visit them at those times.
  • Purple stars on the map signify missions that you need to collect in order to start, so be on the lookout for them.
  • If you come across various foods like waffles and hot dogs, try to memorize where they are. You will need that information later on.
  • Find Santa Claus at night in the Shady district (he’s probably not delivering any presents there). If you fight him and win you will get 400 gold and a Santa figure.
  • You can turn on the little heart icon on one of your figures to make it your favorite and easier to find.
  • Always have a character that can do cleanse. It removes all the negative effects on your team. (Like in real life) buy stuff when it is on sale. You will save up a lot.