WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY Which Is Best?: Ifrit, Ramuh, Or Shiva?

Early on in World of Final Fantasy you will be provided the opportunity to choose from one of three classic Final Fantasy summons: Shiva, Ifrit, or Ramuh. You won't necessarily be given the summon of your choice, but you will find yourself in possession of one of three Mirages that have the same elemental type as the legendary summons.

These Mirages aren't created equal, either. While you are welcome to choose whichever you prefer, there is one summon that tends to be the best option. Let's go over what you need to know below.

The base stats for each are as follows:

Ifrit -> Frilt

HP: 123

Strength: 16

Magic: 16

Defense: 14

Magic Defense: 14

Agility: 24

Ramuh -> Zapt

HP: 124

Strength: 12

Magic: 17

Defense: 15

Magic Defense: 15

Agility: 28

Shiva -> Bablizz Prismarium

‚ÄčHP: 146

Strength: 12

Magic: 16

Defense: 14

Magic Defense: 15

Agility: 25

The most important stats are Strength and Magic. As you can see, Ifrit (Frilt) is the best choice for melee/physical oriented characters. Meanwhile, Ramuh is the best choice for magic oriented players.

Here's the thing. Physical attacks are good but not what wins battles in World of Final Fantasy. Magic is. Because of this, Shiva (Bablizz Prismarium) and Ramuh (Zapt) are the better options in the long run.

Out of these two, we recommend Ramuh (Zapt). While he doesn't have as high of an HP pool, his lightning attacks are useful in a magic dungeon that comes soon after you acquire one of these three Mirages. We also think he is the coolest looking.