Punch Club Android Cheats

General Tips
  • Skip working out at home and opt for the gym. Though it costs $10 every time you work out at the gym, you can work out as long as you have enough strength and energy and the results you get are tuned to the specific skills you want to train.
  • Don’t carry too much cash around. actually, anything over $125 is asking for someone to mug you.
  • Don’t go to Mick for food unless you are desperate. He’ll help out only 4-5 times so keep that in mind.
  • Delivering pizza gets you $30 a delivery and accrue some health points while delivering but lose energy and food points.
  • Working the construction site gives you $50 per job and you build some strength and stamina while doing it, though you lose energy and food points.
  • As in real life, balance eating, working, and training by keeping an eye on your stats.
  • If you don’t train, you lose points off your agility, strength and stamina levels so make sure training is a regular part of your schedule or routine.