Box art - Persona 5

Persona 5 How To Raise Your Kindness Fast

Here are several ways you can raise the Kindness social stat in Persona 5.

1. Working at the Rafflesia Flower shop at the Underground Mall. Apply for a part-time job by checking out the poster on the wall.

2. Read books and watch DVDs that will boost your kindness. You can rent books from the Bookstore on Central Street in Shibuya and DVDs from Scarlet in Shibuya. The description of the book or DVD will tell you which stat it increases.

3. Feeding the plant in your room. You can purchase items from the Flower Shop to provide nutrients to your plant.

4. Order a Nostalgic Steak when studying at the Diner on Central Street in Shibuya.

5. Rank up the Hierophant arcana to to rank 2 or more. You can find the Hierophant arcana by talking to Sojiro Sakura at the Le Blanc cafe and helping him out during the evenings.


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