Overwatch 2 Weekly Challenges Bugged

Overwatch 2 Weekly Challenges Bugged: Why Aren’t They Tracking Correctly?

A few days after the game’s launch, players are starting to find that Overwatch 2 weekly challenges are bugged. Challenges aren’t tracking correctly, skipping progress made in some matches. It can be very frustrating, especially for those rushing to complete the challenges before the week ends. Here’s the need-to-know info on the bugged OW2 weekly challenges.

Are Overwatch 2 weekly challenges bugged?

Yes, the Overwatch 2 weekly challenges are bugged.

Reports from players state that some of Overwatch 2’s weekly challenges are not tracking correctly. Despite completing many games, the progress of only a few is tracked.

Following our playing of the game, GR can also confirm this to be an ongoing issue. In our experience, damage dealt during a match sometimes doesn’t contribute to the challenge.

Why aren’t Overwatch 2 weekly challenges tracking correctly?

Overwatch 2 has faced many issues since its launch, including a broken competitive ranking system and a pesky error message that keeps on popping up. Now “Weekly challenges not tracking correctly” can be added to the list of errors.

At the time of writing, the developer hasn’t yet publicly confirmed that it will be working on a weekly challenge bug fix. Hopefully it gets solved sooner rather than later!

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