How To Shoot Underwater in MW2

Modern Warfare 2: How To Shoot Underwater in MW2

One of Modern Warfare 2‘s often overlooked gameplay mechanics is the ability to fire weapons while under the water. With only select weapons working underwater, it’s understandable why some players complain that they can’t fire their gun in water. Thankfully, it’s easy when you know how. Here’s how to shoot underwater in MW2.

How to shoot underwater in MW2

To shoot underwater in MW2, players must use a pistol.

Simply select a pistol as a secondary weapon to be able to fire your weapon underwater. It’s worth noting that the Overkill perk will have to be disabled in order to equip a pistol.

Players may want to consider setting up a dedicated class for maps with underwater passages.

Why can’t I fire my gun under the water in MW2?

Players who can’t find their gun when under the water in MW2 are likely using a primary weapon. To fire the gun under the water, use a pistol instead.

Due to the limitations on what weapons can be fired underwater, gunfights under the waves are often more intense, with players struggling to dodge around while simultaneously trying to land multiple shots to take out their foe.

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