Warzone 2 AQ Soldier Kills Meaning

Warzone 2 ‘AQ Soldier Kills’ Meaning: Who Are They on the Scoreboard?

Seeing “AQ Soldier Kills” on the Warzone 2 scoreboard can be confusing for some players. Thankfully, it’s simple once you know the meaning. Here’s what the Warzone 2 “AQ Soldier Kills” means on the scoreboard.

What does Warzone 2 “AQ Soldier Kills” mean on the scoreboard?

The Warzone 2 “AQ Soldier Kills” means how many A.I. soldiers the player has killed during this round. “AQ” stands for “Al-Qatala,” the enemy forces in the area.

For those who haven’t played the Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2 campaign, it might not be obvious who the AQ soldiers are. However, for those who have played through the story missions, it’s likely that “AQ” will ring a bell, as most missions see Price and the rest of Task Force 141 going up against them.

How to get more Warzone 2 “AQ Soldier Kills”

To get more “AQ Soldier Kills” in Warzone 2, players will want to head to Strongholds and Black Sites to fight A.I. enemies.

Warzone 2 places a big focus on taking down A.I. enemies in addition to real-life players. By taking over Strongholds and Black Sites, players gain access to high-quality equipment which can be used to help win the match.

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