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Dwarf Fortress: What is Boatmurdered?

Boatmurdered is a Dwarf Fortress succession game that was played on Something Awful in 2007. The story centers around the rise and fall of the fortress Boatmurdered and remains one of the game’s biggest memes. But, most importantly, it illustrates how powerful a storytelling device Dwarf Fortress is and gives new players an idea of the possibilities within.

What is Boatmurdered in Dwarf Fortress?

Boatmurdered was played as a succession game way back in 2007. The rules for this type of Dwarf Fortress let’s play is that each participant plays as overseer for one year, then passes the save to the next person on the list.

What makes let’s play so engaging is that the participants are each good writers, and it doesn’t rely too heavily on knowledge of the game. So, even as a new player, you can read Boatmurdered and understand what’s happening.

However, readers should note that the story uses a 15-year-old version of Dwarf Fortress. At this point, the game had a 2D playing field and ASCII graphics, so things will look a bit odd if you’ve only experienced the Steam version.

If you’re a fan of Dwarf Fortress, Boatmurdered is pretty much required reading, and you can find it on the LPArchive here.

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