Where Can I Watch the Original Super Mario Bros Movie 1993?

With the animated movie releasing in April 2023, is it possible to watch Super Mario Bros movie via streaming? The infamous live-action Super Mario Bros movie from 1993 is something of a cult favorite, so fans may want to re-watch it before the animated movie with Chris Pratt comes out. Is the Super Mario movie 1993 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, or another service?

Can you watch the Super Mario Bros movie (1993) via streaming?

Sadly, the Super Mario Bros movie from 1993 is not available on any streaming services in the U.S. as of December 2022. It has previously been on Netflix and is available on Prime Video in some territories such as the U.K. but is not currently available in the U.S. anywhere.

The Super Mario Bros live-action movie is not even available to buy digitally on Prime Video or Apple at the start of 2023. At the time of writing, the only way to legally watch the movie is to buy or rent it on DVD or Blu-Ray. As a streaming alternative, the Super Mario Bros Super Show cartoon is available to stream on Roku, Hoopla, and Tubi in the U.S.

The Super Mario Bros movie from 1993 stars Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Samantha Mathis, and Dennis Hopper. It was a critical and commercial failure at the time but is now something of a cult classic. A sequel was teased in the movie but never came to pass, although there is an unfinished webcomic that continues the story into a rough adaptation of Super Mario Bros 2.

The Super Mario Bros animated movie releases on April 7, 2023. The trailer revealed a lot of new details, along with Anya Taylor-Joy’s Peach. However, there has been a lot of criticism of the voice cast, particularly Chris Pratt as Mario. Fans will find out if it’s better or worse than the live-action movie in April 2023.

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