Is Kecleon Still Available in Pokemon Go
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Is Kecleon Still Available in Pokemon Go?

Kecleon is no longer available in Pokemon Go. At the time of writing, players can’t catch Kecleon (neither the normal version nor shiny) in Pokemon Go on iPhone (iOS) or Android. They will instead have to wait for the Pokemon to return or trade for it with another player.

Will Kecleon come back to Pokemon Go?

Kecleon is likely to come back to Pokemon Go as part of a future event. However, there’s no telling when that will be. Pokemon can take years before they return.

For those desperate to get a Kecleon as soon as possible, the best and quickest way is to organize a trade with someone. Whether it’s a friend or community member, organizing a trade can be a quick and painless way of getting a Kecleon.

Hopefully Niantic has another event to help more players catch Kecleon as those who couldn’t play or shiny hunt this past weekend may well have missed out. Here’s hoping a new Kecleon event happens sooner rather than later!

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