fire emblem engage new game plus

Does Fire Emblem Engage Have New Game Plus?

Fire Emblem Engage does not have New Game Plus. At launch, players aren’t able to carry over their current character levels and equipment to a new game. Instead, players can either replay skirmishes and other activities on their existing save, or start a totally fresh save to play through the game again.

Will Fire Emblem Engage get a New Game Plus mode patch?

Though the developer hasn’t yet mentioned plans for such a mode, it’s possible that Fire Emblem Engage will get New Game Plus mode added via a software patch.

Veteran Fire Emblem fans might be surprised to find that Engage doesn’t have a New Game Plus mode, as previous titles have implemented the mode.

New Game Plus is a great way of boosting the replay value of a game, encouraging players to invest more time into the experience.

Hopefully developer Intelligent Systems will be able to add a New Game Plus mode sometime down the line. There’s no doubt that many Fire Emblem Engage players would love to give it a go.

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