Valkyria Revolution – How to Defeat Brunhilde and Maxim (Chapter 2 Boss Fights)

Chapter 2’s bosses in Valkyria Revolution up the ante substantially, bringing back Maxim for a second round (with new abilities) as well as the elemental shifter Brunhilde. Read on for strategies to take them down.

Defeating Maxim

Yes, he’s back again, and frankly his moves aren’t all that different. For strategy from Chapter 1, see How to Defeat Maxim.

What has changed is Maxim’s company – he’s now backed by a small but incredibly annoying force, with the ability to replenish their ranks via reinforcement at intervals. In addition to navigating Volcano Sphere as you did before (go on the defensive and steer your teammates clear), there’s a good chance Maxim will get desperate as his health wanes and resort to Divine Blade, a straightforward but dangerous attack. Simply avoid his line of sight when this happens and you should be OK. Earth elemental attacks are going to be Maxim’s biggest weakness here, but aren’t required – staying healthy and dealing consistent damage ought to be your biggest priorities.

Defeating Brunhilde

Brunhilde’s main gimmick may slip past you at first, until your eye catches colorful, levitating orbs. These indicate elemental weaknesses, which continuously change throughout battle. The orbs and their corresponding weaknesses are as follows.

  • Red = Fire
  • Blue = Water
  • Green = Wind
  • Yellow/Brown = Earth

As the first Valkyria you’ve faced, it’s important to know from the start that if your Battle Palette’s elementals aren’t a good match, your chances are going to be pretty slim. As such, swap party members in accordance with Brunhilde’s current orbs, and again consider a defensive strategy for continued safety and teammates than remain alive rather than dead. Brunhilde is something of a bullet sponge, which means you’ll need to outlast her while continuously hammering her weaknesses in order to claim victory.

As battle wears on Brunhilde will eventually summon backup that will explode if not dealt with quickly. Take out spirits as they appear and continue hammering elemental weaknesses until Brunhilde is defeated.