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What is the Borderlands 3 Steam release date?

We all know that Borderlands 3 is coming to Steam eventually. Still, there’s been some confusion over the Borderlands 3 Steam release date. Considering that the game is currently in the middle of a six-month timed exclusivity period on the Epic Games Store, most players assume the latest Borderlands release will hit Steam as soon as the six-month period is over. Is that true? Here’s everything we know about when Borderlands 3 will release on Steam.

Borderlands 3 Steam release date | When does Borderlands 3 launch on Steam?

Borderlands 3 Steam release date

The Borderlands 3 Steam release date is March 13. It will even have cross-play with the Epic Games Store version. This makes sense as it was a timed-exclusive deal. Given that Gearbox stated the Epic Games exclusivity deal was for six full months, Borderlands 3 is launching on Steam as soon as that deal ends.

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Previously, it was looking like people should have been looking forward to April instead. In a press release for the game, a Gearbox representative stated that “Borderlands 3 will be available on additional PC digital storefronts in April 2020.”

With all that in mind, many players believed that the Borderlands 3 Steam release date will be April 13, 2020. That’s exactly seven months after the game launched for the Epic Games Store.

It’s not entirely clear why Borderlands 3 wouldn’t reach other platforms in March of 2020, considering the six-month timed exclusivity deal would be over. Still, the above statement more or less confirms that Borderlands 3 will release on Steam in April of 2020. Alongside the Borderlands 3 Steam release, it’s possible the game will also hit other PC game storefronts.

In any case, the wait is nearly over. The Borderlands 3 Epic Games Store exclusivity is only slated for six months, which means the game can technically release for other PC storefronts starting in March.