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Apex Legends Revenant Release Date | New Season 4 Legend

Apex Legends has a new Legend arriving in Season 4, and it’s not the one you may be thinking of. Despite loads of hullabaloo centered around Forge, a new teaser from Respawn Entertainment essentially confirms that Revenant is arriving in Season 4. What is the Apex Legends Revenant release date? Spoiler alert: It’s not far away.

Apex Legends | Revenant Release Date

apex legends revenant release date season 4

Revenant will appear in Apex Legends at the start of Season 4, which is set to kick off on February 4, 2020. Revenant is apparently taking over for Forge, who was previously touted as the new Legend arriving as part of the Season 4 update.

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You may be wondering: Why is Revenant landing in Season 4 instead of Forge? The answer to that is a little complicated. The developers at Respawn had been teasing Forge as the new Legend for Season 4, but fans didn’t necessarily believe that to be true. After all, data miners had uncovered details of Revenant being in the game shortly after the Season 3 update.

The idea that Forge was the new Legend came from the developers themselves, but it looks like that was all a bit of misdirection. The new teaser video featured below depicts an interview with Forge ahead of his arrival in-game. Unfortunately, the stealthy Revenant puts an end to that line of thinking with a quick jab of his blade.

Many believe that Forge will appear in a later season, perhaps in a more decked-out robotic form. After all, he was just ran through in a quite visceral manner. As things stand now, though, it appears Revenant will be taking his Season 4 spot after all.

To make a long story short, it seems Revenant will appear in Apex Legends Season 4 starting on February 4, 2020. For more news and guides centered around Apex Legends, including details about Season 4, keep your browser tuned right here to Game Revolution.