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Apex Legends Revenant | How to unlock Halloween character

References to a potential new Apex Legends Revenant character have been discovered in the latest build of the game. Following the Season 3 update, which demanded users download and install a large file, dedicated dataminers have been digging deep for clues of upcoming events and heroes. The Halloween event has since been discovered, and now we’re hearing more about the mysterious new Apex Legends Revenant legend. Here’s what we know so far about this spooky new addition to the game.

How to unlock the Revenant character in Apex Legends

apex legends revenant

To begin with, it seems like the Apex Legends Revenant character will be limited to the upcoming Shadowfall mode. Like we saw with Crypto, it’s expected that Revenant won’t be immediately playable. Instead, developer Respawn Entertainment will likely tease players by offering a preview of his personality and potential abilities.

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Dataminer @Shrugtal has discovered information that points towards the Revenant being the announcer of the upcoming Halloween event, as a replacement for the usual voice.

It’s expected that Revenant will make his debut during this event, but won’t be playable until after Halloween has ended. Then players should be able to purchase him for the normal 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins.

Apex Legends Revenant abilities

apex legends revenant

Unfortunately, the files detailing Revenant don’t yet contain details on his abilities. However, we can assume that are designed to be frightening, potentially making use of the zombie models that have also been found in the latest build of the game. Maybe Revenant can raise the undead and have an A.I. zombie fight for him? That seems a little game-breaking, but then so did Crypto!

Expect to hear more about the new Revenant Apex Legends hero as we move closer to the Halloween event release date, with him becoming unlockable at the end, or shortly afterwards.

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