Aviary Attorney Funded on Kickstarter

Fans of the Ace Attorney series, prepare to get your feathers ruffled – pun intended.

Sketchy Logic successfully closed their Kickstarter for their “bird-brained” courtroom investigation game Aviary Attorney on Thursday, with just over 1500 people buying in to the campaign. The project pulled in over 270% of the target amount, raking in just shy of £19,000 (about $28,700 US) and funding a stretch goal that will include a bonus chapter surrounding a new character, Renard Vulpes.

The game puts players in France in 1848, controlling defense lawyer (and bird) Jayjay Falcon, whom, along with his associate Sparrowson, receive an offer from the Demiaou Estate to defend socialite kitty Caterline Demiaou against the charge of murder. The offer promises a handsome payment, if Falcon can come up with a Not Guilty verdict.

Sketchy Logic is targeting a summer 2015 released of the funded project, and will now take their project to Steam Greenlight.