Kickstarter Launched for Aviary Attorney Featuring Bird Lawyers, No Objections to Flapping

The Ace Attorney series was one of the most unlikely series to do well in America. An investigation-based courtroom game, the series featuring loveable lawyer Phoenix Wright, his rival/frenemy Miles Edgeworth, goofy detective Dick Gumshoe, and a slew of other over-the-top characters have spawned several Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games, a spin-off featuring Edgeworth, and a new spin-off series featuring upstart Apollo Justice.

So how could you possibly improve on such a hit series? UK-based indie studio Sketchy Logic has an idea: birds. Lots of birds.

Such is the concept behind Aviary Attorney, their courtroom investigation game for which they have set a Kickstarter goal of £7,000 (just shy of US $11,000). The campaign, at publishing, has already hit about a third of that amount in just one day. The campaign video shows gameplay very similar to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, replacing modern Tokyo/Los Angeles with 1848 Paris, and humans with birds, as well as cats, rats, and other anthropomorphic animals. For those who might think this sort of thing is absurd, may I remind you that Hatoful Boyfriend exists. (Oh, how I miss you, my pudding-obsessed love…)

The game puts players in control of Jayjay Falcon, whom, along with his associate Sparrowson, receive an offer from the Demiaou Estate to defend socialite kitty Caterline Demiaou against the charge of murder. The offer promises a handsome payment, if Falcon can come up with a Not Guilty verdict.

Those who enjoy investigation or courtroom games, those who are fascinated with 19th century France, and those who enjoy birds doing human things can head over to Aviary Attorney's Kickstarter page, where a donation of £7 (about US $11) sets players up with a digital copy of the game, estimated to be completed in summer of 2015.