H1Z1 Experiences Server Issues, Has Paid Airdrops

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley has taken to Reddit to appease users on the various issues players have been experiencing with the Early Access build of the zombie MMO H1Z1.

I'm very close to saying that it only took about a week for my manifesto on terrible launches to be ignored, but I suppose this is expected with an MMO and it is in Early Access so it's not meant to perfect, let alone, out of the gate.

While the "vast majority (over 90%)" of users can log-in perfectly fine, "the other 10%" are experiencing a host of issues, including "sporadic reports of G29 and G99 errors" and users being unable to log in with it saying that they don't own the game.

Other important bugs that the developers are working on fixing include server framerates, though they believe a lot has to do with them so many people on 200 servers. Chat has disappeared on some servers, crash bugs are occurring on both the server and client, one strange "runaway memory situation," and many other miscellaneous issues.


"[E]veryone here is operating on 2 hours of sleep from last night and we have to send people home," John Smedley stated, "but we'll be right back in tomorrow morning and back at it."

But apart from server issues, many users are annoyed by the "pay to win" airdrops which the developer has said multiple times wouldn't be in the game and, more importantly, which other people can steal. Even the tributes in the Hunger Games are saying, "Wow, that's mean."