Kevin Birrell Becomes First North American Tetris Grand Master

Kevin Birrell, more commonly known as KevinDDR on both Twitch and Twitter, has become the first North American player to achieve the highest grade of Grand Master in the notoriously insane Tetris: The Grand Master 3.

Only five Japanese players have achieved the same grade. KevinDDR tweeted a fuller image of the picture above as proof.

I'm free at last. Classic Master GM. I love you all and cherish the memories we made. #tetristgm

— Kevin Birrell (@KevinDDR) January 28, 2015

You may have heard of KevinDDR as the AGDQ 2015 speedrunner who received the MasterM grade after going through invisible Tetris (yes, invisible) during the game's infamous staff credits role.

Kevin Burrell received the Grand Master grade (recorded here) only after clearing ridiculous line-clearing, rolling time-conditional requirements to receive MasterM on a consistent basis; specifically, MasterM-worthy performances in the last 4 out of 7 games.