PS4 20th Anniversary Buyer Fails to Pay, Sony Donating Instead

Sony celebrated the 20th PlayStation anniversary late last year with specially designed PlayStation 4 consoles and followed up with an auction for the first one. The winning bidder failed to pay, but Sony plans to step in and donate the money to charity according to Kotaku.

The winning bid for the Japanese auction was 15,135,000 yen, or $128,086. Sony will match the amount and donate it to Save the Children Japan. That's on top of the $128,000 Sony already planned to match for the winning bid. The console itself will head to the Sony Showroom in Tokyo and be put on display.

The specially designed anniversary consoles were a hot commodity late last year, with only 12,300 numbered ones produced. The Japanese auction was for the #1 anniversary console, hence the many large bids.

Even though the auction fell through, it's good to see Sony intervene for the sake of charity.