Here’s When Slender: The Arrival Is Coming to PS4, Xbox One

Slender: The Arrival, the hit horror title that originally launched on PC, will release one month from now, Blue Isle Studios has announced.

Specifically, the PlayStation 4 version will be available on March 24, while those on Xbox One will have to wait until the following day to download the title. Regardless of platform, Slender: The Arrival will set you back $9.99, a small price to pay for one of the best scare-filled experiences around.

The Arrival features a new storyline in which "Lauren is in search of her friend Kate, who recently has become increasingly obsessed with the folklore of Slender Man." In it, players must use "Kate’s forgotten flashlight to explore abandoned houses, creepy mines and dark forests to unravel the mystery – all the while being stalked by the menacing presence of Slender Man."

Will you brave Blue Isle Studios' hit horror game when it comes to PS4 and Xbox One next month?