OnLive’s Shutdown Affects Games, Hardware

It was recently revealed that OnLive will be coming to a close soon with Sony acquiring some parts of the company. Now we have more details about the effects of the shutdown, and they don't look good.

According to the official FAQ, anyone who has access to PlayPass games, essentially a streaming service like PlayStation Now, will no longer be able to use them after April 30. All game saves and achievements will be deleted by that time as well.

OnLive allowed Mac owners to purchase PC-only games on Steam, but those folks are also out of luck. The FAQ states that "no refunds are available for Steam games purchased via OnLive."

Lastly, anyone who purchased the OnLive microconsole prior to February 1, 2015 will not be entitled to a refund. The hardware simply becomes useless with the shutdown of OnLive later this month.