Mad Max Gets Gameplay Overview Trailer

It looks to be a big year for Mad Max with the upcoming film and the open world game from developer Avalanche Studios. There's been plenty of coverage of the summer blockbuster movie, but now the game gets a little more attention with a new gameplay trailer.

Mad Max features the titular protagonist in dire straits. As the trailer states, "everything has been taken from you." The first order of business is to build a new car. Players can collect more parts to upgrade their respective vehicles into swift killing machines.

Upgrades also play a part in melee combat. Max can equip new armor, weapons, and gadgets throughout the course of the game to better deal with Wasteland enemies. There are guns in the game, but ammo is rare.

It also appears that Mad Max will have some kind of faction system in which players align with certain groups. The faction's stronghold will grow and thus they will help Max on his journey.

Mad Max comes out on September 1 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.