Activision Releases New Trailer for Upcoming CoD: Black Ops 3

We post a lot of teasers and trailers here at GameRevolution, for all sorts of game genres. It's no surprise that the people at Activision would want to do the same with their latest Call of Duty entry, Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Their latest video, however, ranks up there with the first trailer for Watch Dogs as one of the best trailers I personally have ever seen made for a video game.

Their latest teaser trailer, “Ember,” goes into some of what might be the plot to the single-player campaign, as it shows a future where genetically-altered humans are common for those who can afford it, culture wars concern the science of modification versus traditional views of “playing God,” and what happens when the merging of technology and physiology becomes not only inseparable but unstoppable.

Do yourself a favor and check out the trailer, and give us your opinion in the comments below.