Silent Hills’ P.T. Demo Will No Longer Be Available Starting April 29th

For many P.T. symbolizes hope for the horror genre. For others, it was a trip down insomnia lane. But no matter who you are or your tastes, there's no denying that it's a very special game that demonstrated how terrifying a game can be in the current-generation. Unfortunately, it appears that it won't be available forever.

It has been confirmed that P.T. will expire on the PlayStation Store on April 29th. At that time, only those who have added it to their PlayStation library will be able to download it.

If you don't already own P.T., you can add it to your cart on the PlayStation Store either via a PS4 or on the web front. It's still available for free as it was at launch.

Convincing rumors have hit the web that indicate the development of Silent Hills, the game that P.T. was an interactive teaser for, was impacted by the bad break-up between Kojima Productions and Konami. If so, this may be the only playable form of what many were hoping to be the ultimate horror game.