Capcom to Pursue More HD Remasters

Capcom struck gold with the Resident Evil remaster earlier this year, and the company plans to revisit HD remasters in an effort to replicate its success.

The company discussed the topic in a recent financial briefing. The Q&A section specifically details HD remasters and how they provide a compelling business opportunity for the company. More specifically Capcom states, "HD remasters of our catalogue hit titles will be one of our key business activities."

Physical vs. digital sales of HD remasters was another key discussion point. The sales of Resident Evil HD Remastered on digital platforms exceeded Capcom's expectations, so the company sees it as a better way to deliver that kind of content to consumers.

There have been a ton of HD remasters in the past few years, and yet Dragon's Dogma continues to be one of the most requested games for the re-release treatment. Perhaps it will finally become a reality with Capcom's new focus on HD remasters.